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Journey to the heights of romance at the ABU GRAND, LUXURY HOTEL, where love takes on new heights! Our beautiful hotel, nestled in the quiet and breathtaking environs of Mount Abu, invites honeymooners to go on a voyage of love and passion like never before. With a blend of lavishness, adventure, and calm. Our individually best honeymoon package in mount abu promises to make your love story even more amazing.

Experience the Grandeur

Luxury isn't just a buzzword at ABU GRAND; it's a way of life. As you stroll through our magnificent lobby adorned with crystal chandeliers and exquisite paintings, you will immediately sense that dreams find their fulfillment here. Our honeymoon package includes an opulent stay in one of our spacious and tastefully designed suites, where we meticulously craft every detail to fashion cherished memories.

Romantic Dining

You may go on an extraordinary taste excursion, with the amazing dining experiences. Start your morning with delicious and mouth-watering breakfast provided in the luxury of your own room, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views of the Aravalli Mountains. In the evening, treat yourself to a romantic candle light dinner on our rooftop restaurant.  Where the different aromas of multicuisine will stimulate your taste buds under the shimmering starlit sky.

Explore the Beauty of Mount Abu

Mount Abu is famed for its natural beauty, and our honeymoon package guarantees that you enjoy it to the fullest. Hand in hand, take a relaxing drive around Nakki Lake, or start on an exciting adventure with trekking and wildlife safaris in the nearby forests. Our staff can help you in planning the perfect day. Where the different aromas of multicuisine will stimulate your taste buds under the shimmering starlit sky.

Relax Together

After a hectic day of travel and adventure, relax and pamper yourself at our world-class spa. Our caring therapists will help you relax with couples' massages and refreshing treatments that will make you feeling completely refreshed and invigorated.

Celebrate Love in Style

At ABU GRAND, we understand that every couple is unique. And our honeymoon package in mount abu can be tailored to suit your preferences. We arrange for you a private picnic at sunset, a surprise room decoration, or a romantic movie night in your suite. We are here to make your honeymoon as special as your love story.

Capture the Moments in style

Don't miss the opportunity to capture your beautiful moments together. Our professional photographers can arrange a photo shoot amidst the stunning backdrop of Mount Abu. Make sure that your love story is preserved in timeless photographs. All arrangements will be keep private. And we believe that these memories of your precious times will stay with you forever. Beginning days of your marriage will always be extraordinary.

A Grand Farewell

As your honeymoon comes to an end. We wish you goodbye with an expression of appreciation and the guarantee that the memories you've made here will last a lifetime. Our staff will assist you with a flawless check-out process. Ensuring that your travel back home is as comfortable as your stay with us. ABU GRAND, LUXURY HOTEL, is a place of luxury and romance. Our honeymoon package in mount abu is designed to provide you and your loved one with a lovely and unforgettable experience.

Make your reservation today and let us be a part of your love story as you continue on this lovely adventure together. At here, rediscover love, celebrate togetherness, and make precious memories that will last a lifetime.